Justin Strode – Split The Shadows

Justin Strode – Split The Shadows

Coming up on the heels of “Burn”, Justin Strode has released yet another collection of songs in the form of “Split The Shadows”, a 5 track EP featuring music from many eras of creation! Focusing more on the blend of electric guitar shreddery, morphing synths, and ambient drones, the music is much more experimental in nature, embracing the weird and sinister tones that come from the dark, and mashing it together with massive melodic guitars and driving, pulsating synth basses.

As a bonus, here’s a live play-through video of Justin performing the leading track “… And It Fell Down From The Sky” at Okzygen Studios!

Split The Shadows is available on all major music streaming platforms now, including Bandcamp, Spotify, CD Baby, and more! Listen to it now in the player below!

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