Nebraska – Charlies Farm

Nebraska – Charlies Farm

Those groovy hip-shaking cool kids we know as Nebraska are back with a new jam to spread around!

Charlies Farm is the first of three tracks coming from their upcoming Farmers EP, a concept piece about growing up on a farm, respecting nature, and fowl play. The first chapter focuses on our main character and his upbringing on the farm as he learns the lay of the land, the feel of the fields, and becomes wise to the nature of the storms he will soon have to face. Take a listen to it below!

The first two tracks of this three-piece were recorded over the last few years, the majority of which was completed at Nebraskas home studio over this global pandemic. As we all get back into the swing of this thing they used to call “real life,” the band will be coming back to Okzygen Studios to record the third and final chapter in the near future.

If this one track has you hungering for more, then don’t you worry. The second chapter of this story will be coming very soon, so prepare yourself, for the feathers will fly!

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