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About Us

Centered in Ontario, Canada, Okzygen Records is made up of the types of people it looks to serve: Artists and Musicians.

This is why we know where our artists are coming from, and what they need out of a record label. We know it's tough in the modern world to be a creative and still make a living. Finding time to write, compose, practice and record your music is tough enough as it is, let alone the details of getting your tracks mixed, mastered, and in the hands of their fans.

That's where we come in.

At Okzygen Records, we help our artists get their music recorded, produced, promoted, and sold! Run in conjunction with Okzygen Studios, we are a complete in-house solution for their music creation needs, and a place for you to catch up and listen to your favorite artists.

We work with a number of different styles of music, focusing less on specific genres and more on the artists themselves. We believe there is great music for all genres out there, and we strive to bring out the best in all of our contributors.

Even while we do all this for our artists, we're also creators ourselves. And working out of a studio with all the tools to create at any time has its advantages. So on top of working with our signed artists, we also produce and release music ourselves through Okzygen Records! Having these resources readily available allows to experiment with all styles of music, and allows us to work with many new artists and create pieces together.

If you're interested in working and releasing music with us, please visit Okzygen Studios and check out our music production services! We can help out in various stages of your music, including recording, mixing, mastering, and more!

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