Okzygen Records



Hard / Funk Rock

Hard rock funk punk from Ottawa, Ontario, Nebraska consists of three friends who’ve grown up together making music and starting shenanigans, normally at the same time. With amazing energy at their concerts, the band emphasizes the importance of a live show, so make sure to catch them next time they’re in town!

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Velvet Bison

Stoner / Garage Rock

Stoner / Psych Rock from Peterborough, Ontario, Velvet Bison is the brainchild of Thomas Gainer, with the most recent iteration featuring Daniel Petrus on Drums and Rick Moore on Bass Guitar. With a heavy emphasis on their larger-than-life sound, Velvet Bison never failed to shake whatever city they played in!

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Peace Sand Rest

Psych / Garage Rock

Peterborough-based Peace Sand Rest represent the spirit of good times, with their blend of Psychedelic and Garage Rock and penchant for excellent live performances. With their debut self-titled release, this four-piece band channel their ferocious live energy into an epic party anthem of an album.

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Demon Seeds


Demon Seeds is an experimental/ambient group which consists of a rotating lineup of members, mostly of artists who have recorded at Okzygen Studios. With plenty of ethereal drones and a strong flair for atmospheric tensions, the music of Demon Seeds will sends shivers down your spine.

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Metachorica comes to us from the furthest reaches of the universe, bringing with them more questions than answers, and an assortment of other worldly sounds and beings trapped in sound waves for us humans to enjoy.

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Justin Strode

Rock / Metal

Co-founder and Lead Engineer at Okzygen Studios/Records, Justin Strode combines technical instrumental guitar work with industrial aggression and experimentation, creating an over-the-top, energetic wall of sound, interspliced with moments of intimate melodies and emotional atmospheres.

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