Nebraska is a hip shaking rock and roll band from Ottawa, Ontario. Being friends since grade school has only helped the band’s bond and music writing process. Described as hard rock funk punk, and fruit rock, the band brings such a diverse plate of genres to the table. They emphasize the importance of high energy live shows, so if the chance to see Nebraska play in your city ever presents itself, don’t miss out!

Having missed out on the opportunity to play at their Grade 8 talent show, frontman Sam Mitchell never takes for granted the talent possessed by guitar player and best friend Darcy Brown or the sense of rhythm possessed by drummer and best friend Carter Riddall. Now almost a decade after the talent show, aided by Sam Mitchell’s engaging stage presence and punchy strums, the band keeps pursuing their goal of taking the music seriously but not themselves.

Nebraska’s full length album, Tangerine, is available now on all major music providers! Take a listen in the player below, and pick up a CD at the Okzygen Records Shop!