Clocks for Eyes – The Ocean on Charlotte Street (CD)

Clocks for Eyes – The Ocean on Charlotte Street (CD)


Debut album for Peterborough artist Clock for Eyes. Experimental rock inspired by old film scores.

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Clocks for Eyes is an experimental rock act from Peterborough, Ontario, with influences stemming from old t.v shows, films, analog/whatever tape decks. The name for the band comes from the concept of a person who sat and stared at a ticking clock for a whole day so they could see every combination of time that exists.

The debut album, The Ocean on Charlotte Street, combines the hooks of power punk with sonic dreamscapes and industrial ambience, creating a surrealist soundtrack for the absent-minded dreamer. The album also features a number of guest appearances, including Erik Skeries on drums, Rick Moore on Bass, and Chelsea Bernard on Vocals.

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