The Songwriters Cycle – Vol. 1 (CD)

The Songwriters Cycle – Vol. 1 (CD)


The first edition in our new series, The Songwriters Cycle!

Vol 1: Featuring Sarah Tohnin, Husky Jeans, and Maylen.

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This is the first edition in a new series we’re doing called The Songwriters Cycle. The idea is to bring together local singer/songwriters to create new music which culminates into an album and an event to showcase the final products of the artists!

Vol. 1 features three different local artists from the Peterborough area;

Sarah Tohnin – A Peterborough-born wanderer, Sarah Tohnin has finally returned home. Despite being drawn to music at an early age, Sarah lived as a visual artist until an itch to create a different kind of art began to emerge five years ago. In her time away from Peterborough, Sarah learned the ukulele and the guitar and has drawn inspiration from Connor Oberst, Benjamin Todd of “Lost Dog Street Band,” and Amigo the Devil.

Husky Jeans – To sum it up in the artists own words: “Just trying to be Dallas Green”

Maylen – Maylen (Scott M. Somerville) is a jammin community musician singing about peace, love, nature, and interconnectedness. Inspired by the 60s folk movement and motivated by the times we find ourselves in now.

Expect to hear more from these artists soon!

These CDs are hand made folded cardstock cases with velcro sealing, printed and assembled here at Okzygen Records.

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